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Industry Leader Interviews: VA Success Group

A few months back we asked you what you’d like to see more of at SVA – one of theGet Shortlink things you mentioned was wanting to know more about the industry and its people.

Your wish is our command, so we had a quick chat with some of the industry’s movers and shakers!

Your name & Business: Justine Curtis – this is part II of Justine’s interview as we already interviewed her for her own business, UK Association of Virtual Assistants.  Here we’re interviewing her with Emma Walker with their joint business, the VA Success Group.

Tell us a little bit about your business:

Justine Curtis and Emma Walker developed the VA Success Group in 2008 as a training resource for virtual assistants in the UK. If offers online training courses, 1-1 mentoring and a range of document templates to help virtual assistants run their businesses.

What prompted you to start your business?

It was apparent that in the UK there were no training courses available that were developed by real life virtual assistants who actually ran their own virtual assistant businesses. Justine started her virtual assistant business in 2003, Emma in 2005, so both had gone through the steep learning curve of starting their own business. Their courses were developed having drawn on that experience and by teaching the methods they employ within their own businesses which are both still running today under their leadership today.

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Whereabouts are you based – and does that make a difference to your work?

Justine is based in Hampshire, Emma in the Midlands.

What’s your secret superpower? (a skill, a gadget, a way of marketing…)

A genuine passion for the virtual assistant industry and to helping people set up and run successful virtual assistant businesses.

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