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Industry Leaders Interviews: Justine Curtis

A few months back we asked you what you’d like to see more of at SVA – one of the things you mentioned was wanting to know more about the industry and its people. justinecurtis

Your wish is our command, so we had a quick chat with some of the industry’s movers and shakers!

Your name: Justine Curtis

Your business: UK Association of Virtual Assistants & VA Success Group (which she runs along with Emma Walker) – today we are speaking to her about her own business UK Association of Virtual Assistants

Tell us a little bit about your business:

The UK Association of Virtual Assistants was started in 2005 by Justine Curtis. It offers a publicly available online directory where members can post details of their virtual assistant business and a range of member benefits including discounted business insurance, Job Alerts giving details of those looking for virtual assistants and access to the VA Associate Bank where expanding virtual assistant businesses can find subcontractors. Both members and non-members can take advantage of special offers and discounts in the Resources and Links section of the web site.

What prompted you to start your business? 

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Virtual assistants and virtual personal assistants were becoming more and more in demand in the UK as small businesses and sole traders began to flourish, but there was no real association where prospective clients or existing and new virtual assistants could go for information, advice, recommendations and cost effective advertising. What the industry needed was a one-stop shop for both potential clients and virtual assistants alike. The UK Association of Virtual Assistants was born.

Whereabouts are you based – and does that make a difference to your work? 

I am based in Hampshire, but our volunteers are from around the UK.

What’s your secret superpower? (a skill, a gadget, a way of marketing…) 

A genuine passion for the virtual assistant industry, and to raising awareness and the status of virtual assistants in the UK.

Top book recommendation for other VAs?

Mine, of course 😉 “Setting Yourself Up As A Virtual Assistant” available from www.ukava.co.uk

Best thing about working in the VA industry? 

Flexibility and camaraderie.

And the worst? 

RSI from too many hours at my computer – and no one to blame but myself!

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