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Top tips for Outsourcing: Sort your systems

Clients and VAs often complain to us about the quality of outsourcer there is out there… Here at SVA we want to promote best practice so that it reflects well on the whole industry, so we put together some tips on how to outsource your work safely.

Tip 6: Sort your systems: If you need the VA to share documents, have access to internal information, have an email address set up in your company name, set it up now!  You’ll also want to think about billing – when should they invoice you so you can safely have enough time to check it and invoice your clients the right amount?  Do you need them to tell you how long each piece of work has taken them, or do you have somewhere they should record this centrally?  VERY IMPORTANT: Even if you don’t get paid by your client, the VA was hired by you, so you still have to pay them!

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