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Society of Virtual Assistants News: August 2013


This month has been quite exciting – not only did Office* show ask me to come speak at their unofficial VA day on Wed 9th October, but I also got approached by a TV company researching the history of the secretarial industry… Watch this space!

The major dilemma is do I appear in my suit or do I come as I normally am in my jeans?  I suspect a whole day in my heels might kill me – there is lots to see.  Office have asked me to invite you along – click here for free pass.  If you are going, please do come and say hello, I love meeting all the SVAers!

Speak soon!


What else have we been doing?

Our Gadget Geeks were out reviewing a USB Cassette Recorder.  We discovered yet more research that having a VA saves your clients money – one for forwarding to them!

And we have a freebie for those wanting to do a bit of blogger outreach marketing… For more info click here.

SVA Premier: Handling Client Conflict SVA Premier

Something which inevitably you’ll come up against in running your own VA business, but how you deal with it defines your success.

How do you deal with people questionning your charges? What happens when you make a mistake?

See also  Office* Show 2018

SVA Premier costs £10/month and you get access to this month’s content plus archive materials from previous months. EDIT: This scheme has been replaced by our instant download course – please see VA PRODUCTS.


If you have an event you’d like listed on The Virtual Assistant Diary – just let me know on email info@societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk! It’s free and we’re happy to list anything which will help VAs in their businesses.

This month: Marketing Success Call with Emma & Justine – get your freebie!  Don’t forget to look ahead to what’s coming up and get booking for the end of the year…

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