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Marketing Friday: More ideas on kickstarting your marketing

Here are five ideas which you can work on today – Marketing Friday – to get more business next week!

  • When writing copy for your flyers sell the benefits your service will give the customer rather than listing the features.  So instead of saying “Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping service with 5 hours included” you might write “Sick of bookkeeping?  Hand it over to a Virtual Assistant and save time now!”
  • Personalise your material for the target market you are aiming it at.  Include first names, specific examples and consider further personalisation with handwritten notes or signatures.
  • Consider buying space in e-newsletters like www.findnetworkingevents.com or similar.  Great exposure to a targeted geographical business market.  Or create one to showcase your talents!
  • Look at where your leads are coming from by studying your website traffic.  Often you can see what search terms people are looking from and where they have linked from on your web statistics.  Analyse this once a month to keep your finger on the pulse of who is looking you up.
  • From a former AdGirl: Don’t advertise!  It’ll eat your marketing budget faster than you can earn it and the results (whatever the sales person says!) are just not that great for small businesses focusing on personal service.  Invest in other methods of attracting customers like networking / word of mouth / referrals; you’ll get better results I promise!
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  1. Gillian Ann Virtual PA Solutions on 5 July, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    “Marketing Friday – to get more business next week” – that’s a great concept. I particularly agree with the last suggestion. When discussing marketing options with clients I find they can be eager to invest money in advertising, but from my perspective it’s often better to start with the free methods you suggested – they take more time but reap more rewards.

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