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Virtual Assistant Blogging Ideas for June:

blogspirationEach month we’ll be posting a few ideas about what you can blog about – please feel free to add your own ideas below in the comments (or include a sneaky Googlicious link to your own blog!)

Virtual Assistant blog ideas for June:

  • Holidays: There will be added pressure put on your clients from the holiday period – perhaps they have staff on holiday and need to outsource overflow work? Or maybe it’s a traditionally quiet time for them and it would be a good point to suggest overhauling their marketing communications?
  • Surveys: Being a quiet time of year, perhaps now is the time to suggest a customer satisfaction survey?  Do it for your own clients, create a “How To” guide on your blog, link to various survey providers with pros and cons for each one.
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  1. Gillian Ann Virtual PA Solutions on 5 July, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    I’ve just started my company’s blog, it’s an excellent method to cover FAQs, spread the word on special offers and share various hints and tips and guidance. Currently planning one of several on SEO, is your website working for you? It’s a complex subject but often small changes can make a real difference.

    I plan to post the first one next week: http://www.gillianann-virtualpa.com/blog

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