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Global VA Week: The Blog Hop 2013

GlobalVAWeek Blog HopDuring Global VA Week, we’ve selected a variety of excellent virtual assistant themed blog sites for you to visit…  If you like what you see, don’t forget to comment:

Newbie VAs:

Choose the best VA course: An honest account of the VA Courses out there and how to choose the best one… Oh dear, I’m going to get emails about this!


Pricing: VAs vs Employees: Pricing VA services using an example of the cost of an average employee and why the lifestyle of a VA might suffer if they don’t charge at least double the hourly rate of an employee.

Richard Branson on “movable offices”:  Richard Branson extols the virtues of an excellent assistant – and a “moving” office… Hey, if he can do it, so can everyone else!

Writing Effective Copy for your Virtual Assistant Website: Initially writing the text copy for your website seems quite simple. You just tell them who you are, what you do and how to contact you, right? Err, no actually.

Techie Tips:

CRM Systems – get started! What is a CRM System and why you need an efficient office system in place.

Shortcuts in Microsoft 2010: Using shortcuts such as keyboard combinations and Function Keys will speed up your use of using a computer in your work. Also once learnt in one Microsoft package you will find that they will transfer to others. Here’s a few to get you started.

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Fun stuff:

A VA’s Day Off: A tongue-in-cheek, creatively written post about a VA’s Day Off – incorporating office & technology terms that VAs will be familiar with, as well as strategic mentions of some of Ireland’s SMEs (including fellow VAs)!

How to build your business in 10 Queen Songs: The blog explains the various stages in building a business.

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