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Typing Tips: Specialising in a niche

If you aspire to be an excellent virtual assistant offering typing services, we’re running a series of tips on how to impress your clients.  This is the last in the series, but if you’d like to read more just click TYPING on the right hand category menu!

  • Specialising in a niche

Being in a niche market is excellent – it makes it easier to target prospects and it allows you to name your price as a specialist.  However, beware of only having one niche… Imagine if you’d specialised in property mortgage reports in 2008 – you’d not have a business overnight!  Your specialist niche (or indeed any one client) should ideally not be more than 30% of your business income, so that if they go bust or the bottom falls out the market, you have a backup plan.  It’s not always possible, and as your business grows you’ll inevitably go through periods where more than 30% of your income does come from one client or one industry, but it’s a very good rule of thumb.

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