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Do you know a FANTASTIC virtual assistant?

From experience, I know that VAs are rather backwards about coming forwards – they won’t boast about their virtual assistant skills and tend to think that everyone else is doing better than them… It’s not true!  There are some fantastic VAs out there, and we’d love to shout about them in the UK!

As part of this year’s OIVAC conference (and there are still some tickets available!) the industry is rewarding 2 virtual assistants – one who has contributed to the industry as a whole and one who is a relative newcomer to the business with a business that has been running for less than 2 years.

Entering awards is a great way of benchmarking your business against what else is out there – and even being in the competition will bring fantastic PR opportunities to you and give you an all important business boost!  So if you’d like to apply yourself do so here: http://oivac.com/welcome/about/ivad-awards/

Or, if you know someone who’s really helped you in your business, who has been an inspiration in the way they have set up or run their business, nominate them yourself!  (We all know how self-deprecating VAs can be – don’t let their shyness do them out of the honour of being awarded this prestigious prize!!)

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A quick look at previous winners will assure you of the calibre of people that have won these awards – and the success they’ve gone on to have.  Deadline for entries is 15 April – please note this is extended from 5th April!


  1. Kerry Field on 9 April, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Unfortunately Caroline just having looked into this the closing date was 5th April which was before your post 🙁

    Shall have to look out for this next year.

    Thank you.

    Kerry x

    • Caroline on 9 April, 2013 at 12:15 pm

      There’s still time – the deadline has been extended to 15th April!

  2. Kerry Field on 10 April, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    Thx Caroline x

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