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A Virtual Assistant, could be the answer to your needs!


Here at SVA I often get asked for examples of how to write a sales letter, or what sort of language a new VA should use to promote themselves. Jenny Sjollema of PA-Angels has very kindly offered to share a piece of marketing she wrote for her BNI group recently – feel free to be inspired into writing your own article from it.

In today’s economic climate, a Virtual Assistant, could be the answer to your needs!

A Virtual Assistant can support you either on an ad-hoc basis or as a retainer package, which means that as an employer you can use them flexibly and on a “need be basis”.

Whether you need a personal assistant, administrative support, telemarketing assistance or sales and marketing support, a Virtual Assistant allows your company to have “another pair of hands” without the recruitment and employment costs, taking someone on part-time would cost.

If you are looking at recruiting someone full time, based on them working 40 hours per week at £10 an hour; with the various employment costs (pensions, overheads inc. holiday & sick pay and NI contributions) compared to the average hourly fee of a Virtual Assistant of £15 per hour (retainer fee) based on an actual requirement of 10 hours per week.  The full time employee would cost you £39,520 per year, whereas the Virtual Assistant would only cost you £8,220 for the same period of time.  Even on a part-time basis, using a VA is on average less than half of the cost of recruiting someone.

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We would work with our clients to understand their business and to best to assist them.  For example, if you needed telesales support to assist a campaign, we would understand you product/customer base and then put together a package which would suit your needs.  With one particular client, we initiated the campaign with telesales including door to door canvassing and then developed into creating a database for an e-marketing campaign.  With another client, we supported purely through traditional personal assistance; diary management, booking meetings, arranging travel, liaising with clients.

We have found that some clients are unsure about using a Virtual Assistant as they would rather have the person “in-house”, which we are traditional set up for, but then this starts adding to those additional employment costs.  As a VA we have paid for those already ourselves, so why pay again!

You will find that Virtual Assistants do have their own niche, many in the events industry.  PA Angels offer support in sales and marketing for small to medium businesses.  I found that when I set up my company, many of the businesses that I was dealing with did not have the time to promote their own business.  Which is why we focused on this particular requirement.

Hence, why our tag line is “Give Your Business Wings”, as Angels, we are there to support your business in whatever guise that maybe!”

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Jenny Sjollema

Many thanks to Jenny for sharing this piece – if you’d like to share your own marketing materials, please email them to info@societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk

More about Jenny and her business is available at:


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