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Global VA Week – 13-19 May

Each year we get together with other assistants from around the world to promote the industry to a larger audience as part of Global VA Week.  It’s a great opportunity for VAs to collaborate and bring more attention to what they do.

We’re running a series of events in conjunction with OIVAC – please join us in promoting the industry!  Special early bird deals of around £64 ($99) are available til 31/3/13 – buy now at http://oivac.com/register/

SVA Blog Hop:

List your VA blog here and we can all enjoy having a read.  It could be about a piece of software you’ve found useful, top tips on marketing your business or simply about why you became a VA.  Totally free to join and you’ll get some googlicious traffic to your site over the course of Global VA Week.


Get “#GlobalVAweek” trending on Twitter

A project for the social media gurus out there… Join us in promoting the hashtag #GlobalVAweek in the run up to 13th-19th May.  If you aren’t an expert, don’t worry!  We can help you autoschedule your tweets and get them up and running as well as promoting your own business at the same time.

Find out how to Tweet for #Global VA Week. Click here to download.

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Host a Meet Up

Over the last few years, we’ve hosted some fantastic and very informal coffee meets for VAs in their local area during Global VA Week.  Pick the venue, invite your VA buddies, have a coffee (otherwise Starbucks get very upset about mass VA invasions!!) and see what happens…  Usually you put a few VAs in a room together and this swell of chatter creates new ideas, shares client tips, sparks new partnerships and gets everyone fired up!  It’s fairly unique to this industry and I love it!

Tell us about it though and we can promote it through the SVA Events Diary page and make sure there aren’t duplicate events – if you fancy hosting one, CLICK HERE to download our Hosting a Global VA Week Meet Up cheatsheet!

Finally, there will be a free UK specific event as part of OIVAC – Friday 17th May @ 1:30pm (UK time).  For more info please register here:


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