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What dropped off the bottom of your To Do List?

We all know that the virtual assistant business is somewhat seasonal.  So with clients on holiday, you might be experiencing a summer slump.  Instead of snoozing in the sun, now is the time to get cracking on all those tasks which slipped off the bottom of your To Do List!  Take advantage of the quiet periods so that when you get busy, you stay organised and on top of your marketing.

Here are five ideas for what should be on your special project list for Summer:

  • Pre-write 5 articles or newsletters so that your marketing runs like clockwork even when you’re busy.
  • Clean your office – you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are when organised (and also by the grottiness that lies within your keyboard!)
  • Revisit your marketing plan – did you do everything on it?  Was there a project which didn’t get started or which you haven’t analysed?
  • Reconnect!  Phone up your “tribe” of business buddies and arrange a lunch or a coffee – get lots of ideas from them, as well as sharing your own experiences.
  • Contact your clients to see if they have any additional holiday needs – perhaps they need holiday cover, or have their own special marketing projects to launch whilst it’s quiet?
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Lastly, make sure you take some time off whilst it’s quiet – don’t feel guilty about doing it!  I’m willing to bet you work plenty of time after hours, with tight deadlines, rush jobs or when you’re really busy.  Recharging your batteries is so important for your business!

For more ideas on getting stuff done – eat some frogs!!!

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  1. Andrea Webb on 18 June, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Some great tips to keep on top of your business in a quieter period, it’s all too easy to lose track when you are on the busy treadmill. Good to use your ‘downtime’ more effectively.

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