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Facebook is changing – and as a virtual assistant, you need to be ahead of the changes!

The most obvious change is the new timeline.  This is a really nice gizmo, but it does mean you need to keep the content on there up to date.  You’ll also want to add important dates on your timeline – when you launched, when services were added, team expanding etc. A nice touch is that you can have “pinned posts” that remain at the top of the list for important info.

The other obvious change is that the profile picture dimensions have changed and you may need to resize your photos/logos.  List of the new sizes from DreamGrow.

The page settings have loads of useful new tricks to tailor the visitors your page receives – for example the SVA page is only visible to UK members – clever stuff!  (P.S. Whilst checking this out, don’t forget to “LIKE” us!!)

You can still integrate other Apps on your page, either by adding a newsletter sign up box or perhaps running a competition to entice people to give you their details.

More excellent tips on how to make your Facebook Page awesome from DreamGrow here.

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