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SVA News: April 2012


Well the SVA baby boom is in full swing – congratulations to Lyndsey Gilchrist of Call Team who gave birth to Oliver William Gilchrist on 13th March!

Whilst off on maternity I’m hoping to overhaul some of the SVA areas which have been a bit neglected of late, but we need your help in order to revamp the site.  You’ll have noticed some changes to the SVA Products Page already… And I know some of you were having trouble with the SVA Premier sign up and Donations links – these have now been fixed.

This month we’re focusing on updating the Events Page – please let us know if we’ve missed any essential VA Meet ups, conferences or events? Our job is to be fairly apolitical and independent – if it’s good for VAs, we’ll list it!  Just email info@societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk

SVA_Monthly_TrainingLastly, May’s SVA Premier subscription entitles you to a free review of your marketing materials – be it your website, a sales letter, your social media strategy… It’s £10/month and we cover a different subject each month with exclusive content, plus you get access to all the old posts too.

Wishing you business success!


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