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Facebook Apps – killer app or death to your biz?

We’ve noticed there are quite a few “facebook page builder/sitebuilder” apps springing up…   Now as you know, I don’t do Facebook and nor am I a techie virtual assistant, but I’ve had a few complaints about these so I set our techie team on a fact finding mission…

Couple of things they’ve flagged as being potential issues:

  • Do *not* use large bulks of text or completely copy your website on the Facebook page, Google views this as “duplicate content” and having the Facebook app could actually damage your SEO.
  • Ask whether or not you would have to set the app up in the developer platform for Facebook – doing this is tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • The most important part of your Facebook page is the top section – don’t put banner images all the way across it – use juicy content to draw the users in!
  • Check whether the sitebuilder will update their sizes as Facebook changes its policies or iframe sizes – the ones we’ve looked at so far don’t do this and your page will look awful any time these change – which they do, frequently!
  • Are they billing in $$? If so, why? Ask your other VA friends if they would use the app or who they use to programme their social media profiles.
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Using Facebook is a fantastic way to reach a huge number of people – in fact Lyndsey has even set up an SVA Facebook page – but having mass media impact means you need to be 100% sure about the tools you are using.   Make sure you use this checklist!!!


  1. Caroline Daniels on 23 May, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Thanks Caroline for these very useful tips on Facebook. I already use LinkedIn and Twitter, but have been dithering about Facebook mainly because of the bad press it receives. I’ll have to have another review of it!

    • Caroline on 23 May, 2011 at 10:01 am

      Hi Caroline

      Facebook is certainly a very useful tool for promoting your business – what I’m talking about here are the sitebuilders you can get to build a custom page on Facebook (so for example they might add a banner, change the layout, add in newsletter sign up boxes etc). There’s quite a few of these floating around at the moment, often charging an annual fee for allowing you to change the content of the page, and they are especially targeting virtual assistants.

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