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Virtual Assistants, Telephones and VoIP – setting up a VOIP phone line

Colin Duffy over at Voipfone, guides us through the strange world of telecoms… Getting a telephone number

No matter what kind of VA you are, you need a telephone.

Lots of VAs manage for a while with their home number or mobile but it’s not a satisfactory solution. Most are uncomfortable giving out the family number and an 07 mobile number shouts “I’m an amateur” (or student trying to earn something in the holidays).

VAs need to project a thoroughly professional image, that’s why your clients choose you – so you don’t want one of your kids or your partner grabbing the phone before you do!

You also need to know whether the call is for your business or your family – so you can answer it professionally. A tentative “er Hello?” doesn’t really work does it?

Luckily, these days VoIP can solve all these problems for you. You don’t have to rely on BT to get a second telephone line; with VoIP getting a real telephone number that anyone can call is easy, cheap and instant.

But I’m not technical; I don’t understand VoIP.

Don’t worry, virtually no-one does – you don’t need to know anything about VoIP, you just need to have an internet connection and a VoIP telephone – we do the rest.

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Here’s some more information on getting a new telephone number:


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