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When are people looking for a Virtual Assistant?

When does your website get most hits?

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My dad was talking about when it’s most effective to post on Facebook the other day and it got me thinking about when people are most receptive to marketing… Just imagine what would happen if your latest newsletter arrived in their inbox just when they were feeling like they needed to hire a VA – how ace would that be?

So in the interests of research, I’d like you to do one small thing and then I’ll share the results.

  1. Log into Google Analytics or your Web Statistics programme (and if you haven’t got one of these – install one ASAP!!).
  2. If you are using Google Analytics: Go to Visitors > Visitor Trending > Visits then click Graph by: DAY.  This will give you the most popular day when you are getting visitors.
  3. Look at your visitors for the past month and find the most popular day of the week – bear in mind that things like blog posts, newsletter mail outs etc may skew the results a bit.

Tell us what you found out – the most popular time and day for visitors to your website… Results should be interesting!

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