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SVA Newsletter: January 2011

Hi there,

Surprisingly January started with a bit of a boom for me at Virtually Sorted, with lots of new projects getting briefed during the first week back, so it was a slow start on the SVA front, I’m afraid.

Added to that, we had some glitches with the forum software develop, which meant we were unable to activate new members.    All sorted now and we should be getting an influx of newbies over the next week or so!  However, it has raised an interesting point about the forum stability, so we may be switching it to a WordPress Forum – anyone with experience of these, please get in touch!

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for VAs – you’ll be able to get involved with some exciting events, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for updates!


Introducing – Mark of Clearwater Virtual Assistance

Mark will be posting updates each week telling us about the reality of starting up and running a VA business.  His first few weeks are available under the Start Ups Section.

Read more >>>

Help SVA: Still looking for book reviewers & Experts…

A great way to get your name in lights and share good virtual assistant resources amongst the community.  Did you get a good book for Christmas?  If so, tell us about it!

Also we’re looking for some interesting VAs to profile on the site – so if you work in an unusual location, or have a specialist niche, we’d love to hear about it.

Virtual Assistant Week

The VA industry is fairly unique in that “collaboration not competition” is the mantra of many VAs.  This is proved beyond all doubt by a collection of VA organisations coming together to create “Virtual Assistant Week” on 16th – 22nd May 2011.  There will be online conferences, day seminars, training events and regional meet ups as well as promotional materials for you to use locally to spread the word about virtual assistants.

See also  Happy Christmas from Society Of Virtual Assistants

So far we have confirmed:

For more info make sure you are following us on Twitter!

More Specialists

Over the Christmas holidays, I have been scouring the internet to find interesting and useful information to put on the site.  We’ve recruited several specialists who are going to advise on various subjects.

I’m delighted to introduce Cheap Hotel Bookings, who are sharing their travel booking tips for VAs.  And TWD Accountants who are helping us avoid common tax mistakes and keep to our deadlines.  And Trinity Conferences who’ll be helping all the event organisers on SVA.  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from them and others….

And finally…

As any mum knows, it’s traditional to write about what you were up to over the holidays on the first day of school.  So here’s what I got up to!

Hot Posts

A round up of the hot posts is available on Twitter or click on the Forum and see what everyone has been up to!

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