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Week 4 – Tweet, tweet, tweet

Hello All

Since establishing Clearwater VA I have attended many networking events and technical seminars.  Some have been enlightening, some have been tedious but many of them have had a similar theme – social media.

From the outset of my business venture I have embraced one area of Social Media in particular; LinkedIn.  For me this has been a valuable resource and one that is proving highly beneficial for building up a strong network of business professionals (I would be happy to Link-Up with any of my fellow VA’s).  However, I have struggled to understand and appreciate the benefits of other similar tools.

Having come from a Marketing background this may seem strange to some.  However, as some of the key services I provide revolve around traditional marketing methods, I have always wanted to remain at the forefront of best practice by focusing on what I know, ensuring that I can deliver this well and to a high standard.  So adopting new approaches and new methods is something that I consider very carefully.

Having recently attended an excellent Business Scene Event in Swindon, delivered by Warren Cass, I have finally been convinced that twitter could be beneficial.  I cannot see me tweeting about what I had for tea or how many beers I drank at the weekend, however I will certainly be looking to tweet as and when I feel the subject could be beneficial from a business and general awareness perspective to others.

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So finally for any fellow VA who is well established or just starting their twitter journey lets help each other and tweet, tweet, tweet.

Have a good week


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